The Team.

The strength of the Marine Bubble Flow B.V. Team is to be found in the fact that the three co-founders are not native to the Shipping Industry, although experienced in sailing.

The team combines life-long experience and insight from Oil & Gas exploration & production, large scale manufacturing and logistics within the Computer and Information Technology industry, and business development of corporates and start-ups.


Pieter Kapteijn, MSc Mech. Eng, Technology development

Pieter has four decades of experience in Oil & Gas, working for companies like Shell and Maersk Oil & Gas both in the field and at corporate headquarters in the field of R&D, technology and innovation.


Frode Lundsteen Hansen MBA, KHS, business development

Frode has three decades working within business development, working with companies like IBM and A.P. Moller-Maersk with business development at the business unit and department level.


Binnert Halbertsma, MSc Mech.Eng, Operations development

Binnert has like Pieter four decades of experience as Production Manager in companies like IBM, where Binnert was responsible for ensuring the supply chain from production to end customer of high value computer parts.


The Partners.


MBF has signed a joint venture with Royal Roos; a marine engineering company and system integrator to jointly develop the deployment technology that installation yards in major ports can license.

ALP Maritime Services; a ocean towing company.